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Business guru Oleg Tinkoff

As an experiment I decided to start a new section - '. Business guru. 'In which I will do posts and notes about the business that its approach to business, innovation, courage and intuition are to me an excellent example of how to organize and promote your business.

Persons who will be mentioned in future posts, selected according to my subjective assessments and the list will look something like this:. Richard Brendson. ,. Chichvarkin. ,. Steve Jobs. , And then look. If the topic is of interest to readers and demand, then think about how to make it more interesting and useful, but today I want to offer you an interview with Oleg Tinkoff, which aired radio ' Lighthouse ' in this environment. In an interview with Oleg talk about their business projects, the case of Yevgeny Chichvarkin, his plane and the banking crisis. listen.

Oleg Tinkoff (. biorgafiya in WiKi. ) Is remarkable for me:.

Successful business projects: the hypermarket chain of electronics and home appliances '. Technoshock. '. that is the way in Murmansk from the opening serve advertising agency where I worked,. Beer Tinkoff.

bold. (during crisis). bank lending to the project on population '. Tinkoff Credit Systems. '.

Sports project bicycle Tinkoff Credit Systems ', which was successfully organized, and then sold and renamed the famous Russian cycling team '. Katyusha. '.

His recording studio '. SHOCK -records. '( The first time began to write such popular groups as the' Leningrad 'and' Bricks ').

Also Oleg Tinkoff remember his outrageous advertising campaigns and assertive, open- PR- om their projects, and finally. ZhZhkoy.


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