среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

Book a marathon ' World Poetry Day '

In the library, branch number 7 under the auspices of World Poetry Day, the book had a marathon that lasted for several days. Subscriptions were decorated with posters printed out poems, sayings of poets and poetry. At book fairs - ...

Again, there was a conversation with every reader, but this time on poetry:.

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пятница, 25 мая 2012 г.

Spring beriberi

Tell me, gentlemen prodvizhentsy than you are now pushing young and fresh sites of its clients in the bass on top? . I sit, scratching their heads, than to kick the sites to fly. In addition podglyuchivaet lirushechka and gives very very chaotic data, cutting off 30-40 % of traffic to the last day for no apparent reason. How in these conditions to analyze the traffic - it becomes unclear.

Sapa has updated its interface. Should update the plugin to the FF and. sapemaster. Here's a fine joke - sapemaster good program, but the 64 -bit non-Russian language with a seven slips of the fonts. And work - polinterfeysa in a question, half of the normal map. Most embarrassing, this half-.

The more, the more frustrating FF. Recently, faced with the fact that the day FF stood began to eat off a. 3GGb RAM when the computer just 2GGb. I'm thinking about switching to Chrome. Less memory, better tuned to work with Google applications. It is unclear just there all of these plug-ins that are under FF, chrome? .

By the way, about seven. almost used. The main difference in the interface - the grouping of buttons on the taskbar, everything that runs under the same program are grouped and displayed on the minioknami mouse button.

At first this is confusing. And then you start to shove. Now it is easy enough to run through the buttons to find the desired window. No need to scroll or expand the window alttabom.

But frankly disappointing start button - a window of fixed size and when the program is used a lot, not all fall into the quick menu and you have to look for them in a small window size. So the result is more or less important, the program brought to your desktop.

A single point - widgets. They are still little, and write their enthusiasts. I put the weather, radio and CPU - the rest just too blizzard. Another would add news widgets, but there is not or is uninteresting to me.

So all in all I'm happy with the move to seven. It remains to deal with fonts and installing 32-bit programs, and then I 'm fine without the possibility of working in a graphics program, and without printer. It is inconvenient. Not by email, or tweak the layout.

Planned a large videopost on ' blog as a tool for business ', will be useful to all representatives of small businesses who would like to start a blog, but do not know what to do with it. Also in the plans for April, participated in three workshops. The first is under the patronage of the newspapers ' Hand in Hand ' April 8, the other - at the end of the month or in May. Report for the hands I posted below for Moscow preparing a report on the creation of social systems, for local seminar topic is not yet.

There is already a couple of new themes for lectures at school, but do not have time to write. I can go to the video format in the school. From some of it may be even more useful. But the video to watch for so long in comparison with Article.

And finally, I figured out how to do affiliate. Store-X. Everything is just so ugly, that as much disgusted. Will only question is how to monitor other vendors, but this is going to decide in due course.


Shtoltsman holds. competition. the day of his birth. I have, incidentally, is also planned birthday in mesyatsok. So again, will contests and discounts. Wait!.

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